Celebrating our Suppliers

Let’s be clear, it has been a truly fantastic team effort getting this business off the ground, with many people putting in some spectacularly long hours in the few weeks before launch – we give them all our enormous thanks and appreciation. It is incredible what can be achieved when a group of like-minded individuals get together and drive towards a common goal. What an excellent ride this has been so far, and a great lesson in the value of ‘teamwork’.

I also want to take this opportunity to start celebrating the partnerships we are developing with our suppliers, who come from as local to Askett as we can possibly manage. If you’ve read any of these ramblings before you’ll know what we’re all about – fresh, quality, local. We searched high and low for suppliers who share our passion for good food, sifting through hundreds of different websites and brochures and ultimately settling on what we feel is an excellent group of food and drink companies who can provide the quality and quantity that we require. To break this down in to digestible chunks I’ve decided to focus on 3 suppliers at a time (if you have any questions about any of these please don’t hesitate to contact us):

– Shaken Oak. Lovely, innovative packaging surrounding these delicious, award-winning salad dressings (contains sunflower and olive oil, cider vinegar, garlic, herbs, mustard and honey; no emulsifiers in use so the bottle needs a good shake before use), mustards and sauces. Although not on our doorstop, emanating from Shaken Oak Farm on the edge of the Cotswolds, we selected these products for their innovative taste and because of the owners’ emphasis on quality. They too look for local ingredients wherever possible and select only the best of the best. We think the result is a range of really delicious sauces, mustards and salad dressings – let us know what you think;

– Gilly’s Dressings: we’re stocking the Blonde Balsamic and the Original. Now, these aren’t the cheapest products in the Farm Shop but my word, they are very good. In their words: “Original. A wonderfully versatile, highly sought after, award winning oil-free dressing made with aged Italian balsamic, French garlic, Madagascan black pepper, caramel, onion, vegetable stock, herbs & spices. Whether an amateur cook or budding master chef, use to caramelise oven roasted vegetables, as a meat marinade or flavour enhancer in Bloody Mary’s, sauces, gravy, soup, casserole, bolognaise & winter stews. Drizzle over mozzarella, pasta, duck, smoked salmon, steak and even strawberries. As a general rule little & on everything. Blonde, a champagne coloured variation, blended in the same way. Blonde can be used to marinade, flavour or dress most dishes and also has the added advantage of not discolouring light sauces or dishes.” In our words: different to every other dressing we’ve tried, packed with flavour and will light up virtually any food that you care to combine it with. A delicious, innovative concoction from a very talented producer;

– Bradmoor Farm Free Range Eggs. Based on 13 acres in Haddenham, Bradmoor Hatcheries produces the kind of eggs that you remember from being young – rich, yellow, tasty and the right consistency; not those tasteless, watery things you get from the supermarket. They now have in the region of 4,500 birds producing free-range eggs and again, as with all our suppliers, they have carefully selected their own ingredients and ensure that the birds are fed the highest quality feed and are reared in the right environment. Happy birds equals tasty eggs! We love them and we think you will too.

That’s all for now – more soon. Please come and see us if you get chance – we’re open 7 days a week.

All the best. The Potting Shed Management Team.

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