From day one of this venture we have all agreed on the principles than bind us together, and underpin everything we do with both the Café and the Farm Shop.

Our values are important to us and the people that have chosen to join our team. We care for our people (and hope they care for us!), we share a common desire to deliver great customer service and excellent food and we are passionate and enthusiastic.

We’ve scribbled down our company values, printed them out and put them on the walls of both the Café and Farm Shop, and we’re happy to share them with you here too:

  • It is a pleasure to serve our customers, with a smile
  • We believe in locally sourced, high quality produce
  • We want to serve the local community with excellent quality food and drink, charged at the right price
  • Honesty, integrity and good humour are central to everything we do
  • We take great pride in maintaining these quality establishments
  • The Customer is ALWAYS right, well almost always… 🙂

Each person involved in running the Café and Farm Shop believes wholeheartedly in the community in which we live. We want to see the community thrive and we want to do what we can to facilitate that. That’s why we’re buying from local suppliers wherever we can, employing local people, and putting top quality food and drink in to the tummies of those who come to visit.

The supermarket has its place in society, as do the nationwide ‘coffee shops’, but we think it’s vital that communities bond together through the love, spirit and passion of local business. If you agree with this philosophy, please come and see us for a cuppa and a slice of home-made cake (or a jacket spud!).