A Spot of Home Cooking: An Introduction to Game

Pigeon is a great introduction to game and after a long summer snacking on corn and cereals Autumn is the best time of year for these birds, with a fantastic sweet, nutty flavour!

We get our pigeon breasts from Chiltern Farm Foods at Stockings Farm in Amersham. Stockings is a mixed arable and livestock family farm and supply us with all of our lamb, pork and game. All of Stockings’ livestock are traditionally reared and fed natural diets with no nasty chemicals or additives and their in season game is supplied from their own shoot, along with locally sourced venison, rabbit and of course pigeon!

Wood pigeon is a dark red meat with a unique, gamey flavour and a texture similar to liver. These wild birds do a lot of flying, so there’s not much fat on them and they are best suited to either cooking very quickly or braising slowly to keep them tender.

Last night we had a crack at flash frying some breasts at home, served up with a creamy red wine sauce and it was so good we thought we’d share it with you!

Pigeon Breasts in Creamy Red Wine Sauce

For the sauce Freddie fried up a chopped medium onion with 4 chopped rashers of streaky bacon in some extra virgin rapeseed oil (Chiltern Cold Press) until the bacon had taken a little colour.
Then he added a pinch fresh rosemary, sage and thyme, some chopped garlic and a couple of pinches of sea salt and black pepper.
Once this was all stirred in we poured on half a pint of stock. We cheated a little and used Potts’ chicken stock from our farm shop but any home made stock will do. This was followed by a large glass of red wine and a splash of Gilly’s balsamic dressing.
We left this to simmer for a while before straining it off and thickening with a little double cream, stirred over a low heat.

With the sauce done we rubbed a frying pan with a little rapeseed oil and fried the chicken breasts. We cooked these medium rare and would recommend no more than 2 minutes on each side.

Once the breasts are finished you can serve them alone with the sauce or with seasonal vegetables!

Here’s how ours turned out!

Potting Shed Askett Game Plate Pigeon Menu

So if you fancy trying this at home do pop in to our farm shop. We stock almost all of the ingredients we used and have a fresh crop of organic veg arriving tomorrow from Sandy Lane Farm!

Tarrah for now!


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